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Cryo Labels for Frozen Vials & Containers

Cryo Labels for Frozen Vials

CryoSTUCK® -  Cryo Labels for Frozen Vials and Containers

Temp. Range:   From -196ºC to +100ºC

For many cell banks, bio-pharma research labs, biorepositories and other laboratories involved in the biopreservation of samples in liquid nitrogen and ultra-low temperature freezers, the labelling of frozen vials is an extensive  challenge. This is because the vast majority of cryogenic labels cannot stick to already frozen containers due to the solidification of their adhesive upon contact with a cryogenically frozen surface. Also, vials containing biological materials cannot be warmed-up due to the temperature sensitivity of their contents. In most cases, the re-labeling of these vials has to be done below -70ºC so as not to compromise the viability of the frozen cells.

To aid in this task, GA International developed a novel, unique cryo label called CryoSTUCK® that can stick to already frozen vials and other containers at -80ºC. Coated with a special adhesive that does not solidify upon contact with a frozen substrate, they can be successfully applied to frozen containers and stored inside liquid nitrogen tanks or -80ºC freezers for further preservation, even for decades.

A unique feature was implemented in a number of these CryoSTUCK® to allow them to entirely cover-up frozen vial labels that are now out of date. These opaque “cover-up” cryo labels are called CoverTAG™ and are designed to completely obscure existing labels and hide their obsolete information, preventing them from being seen through. They are perfect for re-labelling frozen vials when removal of the existing label is not possible.

In order to function correctly, CryoSTUCK® and CoverTAG™ labels must have an overlap of 0.125” or more. Once applied with clear overlap, they are waterproof and able to withstand multiple freeze-thaw cycles, and can also be used for dry-ice storage and transportation.

CryoSTUCK® and CoverTAG™ can be printed using standard brands of thermal transfer barcode printers such as Printronix, CAB, SATO, Zebra, Intermec, Datamax O’Neil, Citizen, Cognitive, Brady (selected models) and more. We recommend using RR-Class resin ribbons (thermal transfer). They are also compatible with permanent markers such as our SM-1 cryomarker.

These one-of-a-kind labels can provide a perfect solution to many laboratories involved in long-term bio preservation of samples such as cell banks, cord blood banks,, tissue banks, seed banks, sperm banks and other cryogenic storage facilities in biomedical and veterinary fields.



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