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Non-Adhesive PCR Tags

Tag, amplify, track and store. PCR-TagTrax™ offers an innovative and helpful approach to identifying, tracking and storing 0.2 ml high-profile tubes, high-profile 8-tube PCR strips, as well as 96-well high-profile PCR plates (no skirts).

The inventive design of this PCR tag allows you to label your PCR samples with more information than cap dots and tube side rectangular labels combined. Its unique construction allows every tube on a PCR tube strip to be individually labelled, to identify the row, at either end or at both, or even to use several tags folded into a booklet (stacked), or in fanfold configuration to store even more information, if desired. This combined with its patent-pending design allows for quick and easy identification of PCR strips and plates, giving the user a bird’s eye view of all printed information, which can be read immediately upon opening the thermocycler lid, without any need to remove the tubes or plate from the heating block.

Made of a non-adhesive strong thermoplastic material, it withstands a wide range of temperatures, from -196ºC to +150ºC, making it suitable for safe use in thermocyclers without interfering with the lid. The tags are also firm enough to act as a holder for PCR 8-tube strips, supporting each strip’s full weight while remaining pliable. The tags are thermal-transfer printable (using our smudge-proof RR class of resin ribbons) and provide a means to identify PCR tubes and strips with alphanumeric text, in addition to 1D and/or 2D barcodes. They are provided with a perforation line down the middle, allowing the length of each tag to be customized, while the tear away flap can also be used to efficiently keep track and record of all your plates and samples. This perforation line also allows the tags to serve as a stand, well suited for storage in refrigerators and freezers.

For use in biomedical research labs, genetic analysis facilities (genotyping, sequencing, cloning), genealogy and family records service companies, microbial sequencing service companies, as well as forensic laboratories.

PCR-TagTrax is also available in 3-hole and 8-hole configurations.

For printers with adjustable web (gap/notch) sensors. Not compatible with fixed sensor printer models (i.e. GX430t).

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