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Cryogenic DYMO Labels



Dymo-compatible direct thermal labels are ideal for short and long-term cryo-preservation in liquid phase and vapour phase liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-320.8°F), laboratory freezers (-20°C/-4°F, -80°C/-112°F, -120°C/-184°F) and dry ice transportation. Waterproof, these DYMO-compatible freezer labels can be immersed in liquid nitrogen immediately after applying. Furthermore, their permanent cryo-adhesive ensures they retain adhesion, can withstand multiple freeze-thaw cycles, as well as sterilization by Gamma irradiation (up to 50 KGy tested).

Available in a wide selection of sizes and shapes, Cryo DTermo™ labels conform to most surfaces, including microplates, freezer boxes, plastic bags, and other containers, and are also provided with circle labels ideally suited for microtubes (e.g. conical bottom Eppendorf tubes), microcentrifuge tubes and cryovials (0.5-5 mL).

GA International also provides DYMO printer compatible labels in an assortment of colours (white, yellow, grey, lemon, beige, blue, green apple, violet, orange, red and mocha). Perfect for colour-coding, Cryo DTermo™ labels can be customized with logos, graphics, barcodes and much more, with a special protective coating to ensure a sharp clean printout. Custom-made sizes of DYMO compatible labels can be provided on-demand, along with the corresponding templates for printing according to desired specifications. We offer Dymo label software compatible templates for our Cryo DTermo™ labels for easy formatting and printing, click here.

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